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What is Trail Running?

Trail running is one of the fastest-growing models of exercise in the world today. There are a lot of reasons contributing to this. This site looks to highlight every detail of the outdoor activity. Important information and tips are offered both for practising trail runners and those who are looking to join.

Simply put, trail running is an outdoor sport that involves running along mapped but unpaved tracks. It usually happens in non-urban areas, mostly in places with warm climates. Because of the unpaved nature of trails, some may be found in mountainous areas where the running is paired with hiking.

Nature of Runs

Trail running differs from road, track, and cross-country running in that it is usually not competitive. There are, however, trail running competitions. They just don't form the main focus of the sport. Because of this, speed is not usually a significant element of trail running. Distances in trail running vary from a few miles to over 100 miles. The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc trail run, for instance, is 166 km (103 mi) long.

Equipment and Benefits

Trail running shoes are usually more rigid and knobby soled than those used in other races. This feature improves traction in steep sections. Some runners prefer pants in place of shorts and wear long-sleeved shirts to protect them from plant impact along woody trails. Other necessary items include insect-repellent sprays, ivy block and water bottles.

Trail running burns more calories than mountain biking, rock climbing and canoeing, hence the surge in popularity among people seeking to have a healthy lifestyle.